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Travel Agents do a wonderful job and are trusted by their clients to give them the help and advice that they need to fulfill their travel dreams. However, at times even the most widely traveled Agent is at a loss for detail and the intimate local knowledge of an area that only a native would know.

Enter The English Experience!

  • We can save you hours of searching to create the itineraries that your clients are looking for in the UK.
  • We are British, we have local knowledge, local guides and drivers, we know the times of the trains – and when they don't run!
  • We know the Historic Houses and castles (even their owners in some cases!) and we know the opening times of these and the many beautiful gardens in England.
  • We know the best little tea rooms, where to shop for antiques or bric-a-brac, and how long it takes to get from London to Stow-on-the Wold, or from Winchester to Farleigh Wallop!

Why wouldn't you want to consult with us? We have successfully assisted Travel Agents from all over the USA to provide their clients with wonderful tours of the UK and the Channel Islands.

"If it's the UK, it must be The English Experience we need to talk to!"

For a quotation please fill out the online request form and mail it to us.

* There is no fee for an initial consultation with a Travel Agent to find out where The English Experience Travels Ltd can help you to provide the best possible service for your clients. After that, if you wish to use our consulting services we charge a rate of $75.00 USD per hour. Please make your clients aware of this charge. We ask you to supply as much information as possible regarding your clients’ needs by completing the Request Form and returning it to us.  We will then put together the requested itinerary detail and submit this to you for your clients' comments/approval before giving a net price quotation to your Agency.

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