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The English Experience is the ultimate source for travelers to the UK. Our clients range from first time travelers who want to see the main sights of London and the countryside around the capital city, to those who want a completely customized tour made up of places on their own "wish list".

Independent Travelers
Ladies on the looseThe planning of an itinerary without access to local knowledge can be difficult, frustrating and time-consuming, especially when the 'wish list' of places to visit includes areas well away from London like the English Lake District, Scotland or Cornwall. ightham mote group

The English Experience can help with as much or as little of the planning as you wish – from suggesting and coordinating the itinerary to arranging accommodations and accompanying driver/guides who will take all the stress out of having to do the driving for yourself. Click here for Independent Travel Planning Services.

Family/Friends tours are very popular and the UK is the perfect place for different generations to spend time together. Think of all the advantages: no language barriers; hundreds of attractions of interest to all age groups; new experiences to share and enjoy, and best of all you travel at your own pace on the dates you choose – no pressure to keep up with a group. Click here for information on Family/Friends Tours.

yorkIf you belong to a club, group or society, chances are that at some point you will want to plan a trip that follows the specific interest that brought you together. Whatever your interest, The English Experience can provide services that will make your group visit a delightful and stress-free occasion. Click here for information on Groups/Clubs/Society and Special Interest tour planning.


Single Travelers
Check out our Small Group Escorted Tours in many regions of the UK. Often there is no single supplement and you can join a group for much less than the cost of a customized tour.

Travel Agents
The English Experience Travels Ltd has been providing expertise and local knowledge of the UK to our friends in the American travel industry since 1992.

Travel Agents do a wonderful job and are trusted by their clients to give them the help and advice that they need to fulfill their travel dreams. However, at times even the most widely traveled Agent is at a loss for detail and the intimate local knowledge of an area that only a native would know.

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